For those of you that don't know me...

Hello, I'm Richard Fry.

I'm an internationally acclaimed playwright and performer. That still sounds a bit funny to me. It wasn't so long ago that I was emptying bins for a living so to now have people saying nice things about my writing is a strange and welcome change.

My hard-hitting and funny one man shows about damaged outsiders have been a hit the whole world over (click the 'shows' tab above for details) It appears there are a lot of other people nursing broken hearts who relate to my work. That's a massive relief to me. I know I might be an emotional fuck-up but at least I know I'm not on my own anymore. You know who you are. Holler!

The life of an international man of tragedy has afforded me some brilliant experiences. I have been shortlisted for human rights awards, been on the front oover of magazines, spoken in Parliament and appeared in a Bollywood film in nothing by my underpants. It's a crazy ride.

I'm also now a novelist. Details of my book are on the front page of this website - you've probably already seen them. My shows have a brilliant but limited audience, hopefully this book and its messages will reach more people. Please tell your friends about it. I also need the money :)

I also try to be as open as possible about suicide. I find it hard to talk about personally so I do it through my work. Life can be tough, even though it looks fantastic from the outside. The veneer of success is a deliberate one. I also talk a lot about bullying because a lot of people live with the scars for a very long time and that can be tough too and I also discuss the difficulties some people face when they realise they are attracted to the same sex. Not everybody is happy about it, especially the ones that don't like Liza Minnelli so much.

So that's me, you can follow me on twitter - button at top right of page - that will keep you up to date with some other things that I do like rearranging the shelves in bookshops and risking prosecution with my invented celebrity quotes.

Does anybody know a good lawyer?


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