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Homo Asbo

'I'm happy to be homosexual, I just don't feel very gay.'

"100% charming. "

"Cutting one-liners abound, rimmed with the ring of truth, and there’s even a certain poignancy.  In between the patter comes harder satire in songs and poems, a gush of pastiches where Winston naughtily lists great historical gay figures and wickedly lampoons modern celebs."

"A laugh a minute means that there is nothing mawkish about the politics, nothing pleading. "

"You’ll look hard to find a funnier show that miraculously manages to stay so on-message."

The Stage



"Fry is enjoyable to watch, speaking eloquently and passionately about the perils of sexual stereotyping and the limitations of a gay scene that professes to be all inclusive, but is actually anything but.

It’s an important message that deserves to be heard."

What's on Stage



"Very entertaining...  excellent material and brilliant lines."

Broadway Baby 



"Bitter sweet, darkly comic and deeply insightful.  This is a show that everyone should see. "

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Fresh out of prison, Winston has time to reflect on his misdemeanours.  Previously homophobic, he deconstructs his own homosexuality and questions why he never felt ‘gay’.  He delves into gay history and finds things that appeal to him and as he becomes more secure, he challenges society’s perception and the media’s portrayal of gay men.  


Armed with his guitar, Winston assassinates bigots and takes pot shots at celebrity bad boys, gay icons, straight lad culture and men who wax.

He's just come out and he's going straight.