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Life and Death by Dave

The debut novel by Richard Fry


Dave's sunny disposition sees him through each day. He's smart, funny, considerate and polite. He's very good company, we all need someone like Dave in our life.  He's the man who stops to open the door for you.  You see him at work, you walk past him in the street, you sit next to him on the train. He's strong and confident and always greets you with a smile. Last week, Dave tried to kill himself. Again.


Life and Death by Dave is the journey of a well-meaning soul battling the bullies, bad boys and bigots. A former child genius who was born in a barn, hopelessly positive Dave struggles to keep upbeat in the downpour of life. Encounters with a Polish apple-picker, a soap star hunk, a gun-toting drug dealer and a semi-naked Mick Hucknall push and pull him between magnificence and ugliness. Every day is a fight but one that Dave faces with a healthy dose of dark humour, self-deprecation and a blistering 80s soundtrack.


As you follow Dave through school, crap jobs, gay clubs and the UK pop festival circuit, prepare to have your perception of a suicidal soul challenged. He can't stand Morrissey for a start



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