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Smiler is another gripping tour-de-verse that sticks close to Fry’s trademark style which will have you laughing out loud one minute and holding back tears the next.


Inspired by Fry’s own friendship with a young man living with a head injury, Smiler examines how we perceive disability.  Do we treat those with disabilities differently?  How would you cope if you became disabled?  What if you were responsible for causing permanent harm to somebody? What if your daughter brought home a boyfriend in a wheelchair?  Could you fall in love with someone less able yourself?  


Smiler also deals with drink-driving, assisted suicide and 1980s German soft-rockers Nena.  


"Fry is utterly mesmerising.

There is an intensely moving quality to Fry’s delivery and script. "

The Stage



"I cannot begin to convey the emotional power of  'Smiler'.

Like all exceptional art, you leave shedding a tear, not just for the story you've heard, but for its greater exploration of humanity at large. That's why you must see it."

Three Weeks



"Powerful, dark, and frequently humorous.

This is an exceptional performance.  Fry’s shows work both as terrific pieces of theatre but they also really make you think. And more than that, Fry will challenge your world view and may even change you for the better. Such power is rare."




"Fry has a deeply affecting smile: it signifies a man who has seen that you can either crumble under the weight of life’s difficulties, or smile bravely and carry on regardless. It’s this smile that brings tears to the eyes of many audience members at the end of the show.

Fry’s performance is at once uplifting and heartbreaking, and what could easily have been a show of tired worthiness never comes close."

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'I'd do anything for you, Smiler', he looked me in the eye...  that's when he asked me to help him die.